Owner, Trainer


WHERE SHE GREW UP: In Novosibirsk, a large city in Siberia, Russia

ABOUT KATE: Kate’s energy and smile is contagious. She believes that fitness is much more than just losing weight or looking fit – it’s about feeling strong and joyful, relieving stress, and building relationships and forming new friendships with those whom you meet on your fitness journey. Kate is inspired by people who defy their physical and other limitations to achieve amazing things through willpower, determination, and hard work.  She loves meeting new people, discovering new experiences and solving new challenges in every area of her life.

TRAINING PHILOSOPHY:  Kate’s workouts will leave you drenched in sweat – she doesn’t stop! Her philosophy is – and the only person who can do better than you today is you tomorrow! Kate believes that staying fit in the long term should be a life time habit that we diligently and regularly practice.  Quick results may not be sustainable in the long run – slow and steady wins the race!  At the same time, having fun is absolute key to ensuring adherence to staying fit, so Kate makes sure that every class she leads is a positive, fun, and uplifting experience!

THINGS SHE LOVES TO DO:  Anything that has to do with movement! Skiing, trail biking, scuba diving, Pilates, running and ice skating.  She also loves to try new recipes, read, travel, and discover new experiences – taking in every second of life’s precious moments!

FAVORITE QUOTE: “You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great” ~Zig Zigler   

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE HER:  Energetic, Creative, Always Smiling

CLASSES KATE TEACHES AT RJS: Ride, Jump and Tone, Jump Circuit, Sweat Zone