WHERE SHE GREW UP:  Buck County – lived in Cape Town, South Africa.

ABOUT BRIE: Brianne (friends call her Brie) has been physically active her entire life.  After college, she moved to South Africa and enjoyed a successful career in acting and painting there.  Her story of perseverance is truly amazing – 8 years ago she was in a major vehicle accident and suffered a broken neck and a head injury.  She could not walk, talk, or perform every day movements.  For many, this would have been the end of normalcy, but not for Brianne.  She underwent nine months of intensive, grueling physical therapy, and had to re-learn how to speak, walk and move again.  Her relentless determination paid off – she is the most graceful, active, expressive and dynamic person you’ll ever meet.  To say Brie has a passion for life is an understatement, and she channels it by touching the lives of countless others, bringing them hope and joy in their darkest moments.  In her free time, Brie is a volunteer at a local hospital where she facilitates painting and music sessions with stroke patients. She is a strong advocate for bringing art in its various forms into the special needs community and teaches dance fitness classes to hospital’s patients and staff. In Brianne’s words, “People inspire me; their life stories, where they have been, what they know. Being able to put a smile on their face makes it all worth it.  My accident served as a catalyst that helped transform my life, and now I am paying it forward”. 

TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: Process and personal satisfaction, not perfection.  Participants in Brie’s classes may not remember everything she’s said or demonstrated but they will remember how special and empowered they felt. All she wants is to encourage, challenge, laugh, inspire, and above all push you beyond your limits to feel and be your personal best. Brie is a very hands-on instructor – she will sweat with you! She is also prone to spurts of creativity that can occur at any time during her class, so you are never bored or feel like you are stuck in the same routine.

THINGS SHE LOVES TO DO: Brie is very multifaceted. She is a dancer.  She is an artist – she paints large commissioned pieces. She is an awesome cook– she finds wine, music, home cooked meal and the company of good friends to be great mood lifters.  Brie jokingly calls herself a “champion food eater” – she loves her food! Spending time with family is very important to Brie – they are a close knit bunch.

FAVORITE QUOTE: The toughest of steel is forged in the hottest of fires”

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE HER: Energetic, Passionate, Expressive