WHERE SHE GREW UP: Caucasus mountains, Russia – and moved to the States when she was 11 years old.

ABOUT ANASTASIA: Since young age, Anastasia was a talented rhythmic gymnast, competing in numerous national competitions and Junior Olympics.  After her gymnastics career, she transitioned to coaching rhythmic gymnastics, which she did for nine years, as well as instructing group and dance fitness. Anastasia’s passion for fitness has brought her to many places around the world, like Greece, Thailand, Germany, Portugal, Belgium – when she learned new fitness formats and styles- and her list of places to visit is far from being completed.  Her passion for dance and fitness spills into her hobbies – in her spare time, Anastasia takes salsa lessons from professional dancers in New York.

TRAINING PHILOSOPHY: Keep moving! Anastasia is very kinesthetic and inspires her class participants to express themselves through movement. Her philosophy is – find your beat in everything – dance, movement, life; never stop moving or get stagnant; always challenge yourself with new possibilities.  From the practical standpoint, she uses her extensive gymnast training to help her clients shape a killer core and lower body in her classes.

THINGS SHE LOVES TO DO: Anastasia loves to dance.  Her passions include anything to do with movement, music and art. She loves to express herself through various artistic media.  She is very close with sister, who is her partner in crime and adventure companion.  She is a foodie and loves being outdoors, surrounded by nature.

FAVORITE QUOTE: “People grow when they are loved well. If you want help others heal, love them without an agenda”.

THREE WORDS THAT DESCRIBE HER: colorful, spontaneous, romantic